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The Best Software Solution Tools For Your Business


To run a business smoothly and efficiently you need to have the best software solution tools in place.

As a busy professional, you spend all day helping your clients achieving their goals however, you still need to deal with the administrative side of your business. This can be anything from scheduling appointments, following up with your clients, preparing presentations, sending out newsletters to your subscribers, keeping on top of your social media, the list is endless!

This can seem very overwhelming but before you head into total chaos and lose control of your administration including your sanity, there are plenty of software solution tools to make your business more efficient.

Below I have listed a some of the best software solution tools for your business on the internet, that can help you streamline these tasks that are necessary to help grow your business.

Cloud Storage

  • Dropbox – Starts with 2GB of free storage. Store, sync and share your files securely. Works will all apps from Word, PDF and Excel. Keep your photos safe by backing them up to Dropbox and much more.
  • Google Drive – 15GB of free Google online storage, stores any type of file. You can access your files from any device and share files and folders.

Email Marketing Newsletters

  • MailChimp –  This has a very easy drop and drag editor for sending emails to your subscribers.  Create templates so you can re-use it for another newsletter instead of recreating it from the beginning.  Send automated messages and targeted campaigns.
  • Aweber – Similar to Mailchimp with an easy to use drop and drag editor with access to their image library for that perfect image to add to your newsletter.  Use the autoresponder feature to select the days and times to send your follow up messages to your subscribers. Integrates seamlessly with Facebook, WordPress and many more other applications.
  • TinyLetter – Personal newsletter service owned by MailChimp. This service is for people who don’t require all the business features that come with MailChimp.
  • Convertkit – This software tool is for professional bloggers, you can create responsive opt-in forms, set up a drip email course and automate your emails to move subscribers through your email funnel.

Graphic Design

  • Canva – This free online graphic design platform offers you access to tools for designing social media posts, flyers, brochures etc.  Select from one of the predesigned templates to use or add your own touch by changing the image, colour, or text.  Search through their library of images to add to your design or upload your own images.  For some additional features, you can upgrade to Canva For Work however, I think you will find the free version will have plenty to offer.
  • Adobe InDesign CC – This is perfect for creating your brochure, eBook or digital magazine.  InDesign is a more advanced tool and comes with tutorials to help you become familiar with the features. This software is not cheap so if you are only going to use it a couple of times, you may prefer to look at alternatives.

Social Media Management

  • Hootsuite – For managing your social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.  The dashboard allows you to monitor your feeds and respond directly to messages.  You can either post straight away from the platform or schedule your post to go out at a set time and day.
  • Buffer – This is different to Hootesuite in that it is a content publishing platform which lets you publish posts to your social networks.  You can post straight away or schedule your post for a later time.

Time Tracking

  • Toggl – Simple play and stop button to track your time so you don’t lose a minute of your billable time. You can produce reports to send to your clients. Download the app onto your iPhone so you can track your time from anywhere.
  • Trackingtime – Pricing is free up to teams of 9 or you can upgrade to TrackingTime PRO for a small fee with access extra features.

Note Taking

  • Evernote – A cloud based note-taking app available across all your devices.  Keep all of your notes, photos and projects in the once place.  Share your notes or projects with your team, and save your emails directly into Evernote (for Plus or Premium users).


  • SurveyMonkey – Create and send easy-to-use surveys to your customers for feedback on your service.
  • Surveygizmo – Powerful survey tool that includes interactive samples of how your survey will look and act.

Web and Video Conferencing

  • Webex – Hold your meetings wherever you are with the video facility. Show a colleague a presentation or document you are working on by sharing your screen. Webex is available across mobile devices.
  • Anymeeting – All-in-one conferencing solution for Webinars and Meetings.  With Anymeeting you can send email invitations to your attendees, record and send your meetings.  Interact with your attendees in the text box and share files plus many other features.
  • Team Viewer – Similar to Webex and Anymeeting, this software has remote support so you can assist other team members who may be the other side of the world without requiring VPN access.

If you are finding yourself still overwhelmed, perhaps is now the time to think about what tasks you can outsource to an expert in their field.