Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Email Newsletter

Email Newsletter

Most articles you come across talk about what you should include in your email newsletter but few about the mistakes to avoid when designing your newsletter.

Below are some key issues which I believe are important to a successful email newsletter design.


How many colours are in your design? It can be really tempting to get creative with the colour picker however, don’t get carried away by using too many different colours. Remember, if you have a brand keep to just two of those colours in your design.  Customers will also come to recognise your brand and more likely to open your email.

Your Content

Is your content too text-heavy?  Keep your message short and your important topics above the fold. Most readers scan their emails and if the topic is not clear very quickly, chances are your email will be dismissed and deleted.  You only have a short time to grab your readers interest, think of placing your image at the top with your message below followed by your call-to-action.  Your eye should follow the flow of the layout leading them to where you want them to take the next step.


Have you used a small font?  Change this to a size so your readers can read your content easily.  This applies to mobile users as well.


Using images to break up your content is great but not when they are of a low quality.  When selecting images make sure they are relevant to your topic and grab your readers attention. Look to using images that are of a high quality, websites like Pexels, or Unsplash provide professional photos if you don’t have your own.  Have you included alt text to your images?  You may not be aware that some email providers block images, so rather than your email containing empty boxes add in text relevant to the image.


Is your call-to-action visible or is it surrounded by your content?  Leave enough white space around your call-to-action button so it stands out.  Try testing text versus a button or changing the colour to see which  delivers the best results you want to achieve. 

Unsubscribe Link

Can your current subscribers easily locate your unsubscribe link? No one wants to lose a customer but your newsletter must comply with the law so ensure that it is visible.  If you outsource your email marketing to a third party you are still responsible for your newsletter being compliant.  Please ensure that your client has proofread and signed off before you send out the newsletter.

Remember Your Mobile Users

Most of us read our emails on the go, so your newsletter should be mobile friendly too.  Users should be able to use one finger or thumb (whichever you use) to press on your call-to-action button.  Don’t forget this includes any links you may have included.

Test Your Newsletter

Don’t let all of your hard work down by missing that all-important last step, to test it.  You may not think it is important or you haven’t thought about this step but the last thing you want is for your newsletter to land in your subscribers inbox only to discover later that there are spelling mistakes, some of your links are not working or landing on the wrong page or you forgot to include an important date or special offer.  Send a test to yourself and if you are providing this service to a client, send one to them too.

Add this step to your checklist so it’s not missed when you come to designing your next newsletter.

Hopefully, the above information will help you when designing your next email newsletter.  Get your free copy of our Professional Newsletter Checklist to make sure your newsletter represents you the way it should.

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