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How to Manage Your Email More Effectively

How to Manage Your Email More Effectively

To many of us, managing our emails is a daunting task. A never-ending chore that we allow to get on top of us, meaning an inbox full of spam. We often let it build up, leading to setting aside a long, boring afternoon of sifting through a mountain of emails. With so much junk mail, we often miss important emails from colleagues or friends, which can lead to a breakdown of communication.

Here at VA Executive Services, we have gathered 3 top tips and tricks, to make managing your email life easier, and allow you to concentrate on getting back to the people that matter.

  1. Make a daily routine of it – Set aside a few minutes each day to check your mail. Once it’s part of your work schedule, you’ll soon see your stack of unread mail shrinking rapidly.
  2. Use Rules and Filters – One of the biggest problems many people have with a well-used email address is junk mail. Years of entering emails into different websites and checkouts will leave most accounts getting regular newsletters and mailouts, most of which will be unwanted. The majority of modern email software has easy-to-use filter systems, allowing you to ensure that all future emails of the same type can be sent straight to the trash, or to a specific folder, which brings us on to point 3…
  3. Create folders for your mail – As well as making sure all unwanted mail is dealt with accordingly; it’s also crucial that your important correspondence is stored correctly. By creating folders, you’ll be able to easily access different facets of your mail quickly and efficiently.

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With these simple tips, you’ll soon notice a huge difference in your email account. You’ll go from a complicated, jumbled mess to a streamlined, efficient mail system that will largely take care of itself. When managed correctly, emails don’t have to be laborious or time-consuming, leaving you free to respond to those that matter and get on with your day.

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