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How to Create Your LinkedIn Profile in Easy Steps

LinkedIn Profile

Creating your LinkedIn profile is easy!

Compared to other social media networks available, LinkedIn marketing aims to be more professional and to create new business connections in your niche.

So, where do you start with LinkedIn? There are two types of profiles you can create on LinkedIn. The first is your own professional profile and the second is a profile you can create for your business (Company Page), which is where you will promote your brand.  Here we are going to look at creating your professional profile.

To create your LinkedIn profile you will first need to create an account, go to https://au.linkedin.com and complete your details to join.

  • Your Name

Only use your first in the first name field and your last name in the last name field. No additional information should be entered into these fields i.e. no email address, and no telephone number.

  • Your LinkedIn Photo

Your photo should be a professional headshot of yourself that looks friendly and approachable with your face prominently visible.

  • Your Headline

This is a short line that will list your job description, try to make sure that it is short and concise while at the same time professional and impressive. The character count for this is 120.

  • Your Summary

Your LinkedIn summary is the most important part of your profile, never leave this section blank.  Use all of the 2,000 characters available if you can as not taking advantage of this you are missing out on important keyword optimisation for your profile.  Remember the most important place for your keywords are in your Headline, Specialists and Job Description.  Your summary is where you tell people about the work you do, your skills and any special expertise you may have. You can also include years of experience.  Don’t forget to make it easy for people to contact you, include your email and telephone number.

  • Experience

This is where you include your employment history.  Make it easy for people to read, use bullet points.

  • Skills 

In this section you can list all of your skills that you have in your area of expertise. There are 50 skills available for you to choose from. If your more important skills are listed at the bottom, you can drag and drop them to rearrange into the order of your preference.

  • Education

Here you can list your high school, college or university details as well as any courses you have completed.

  • Additional Information

Include your interests or hobbies and advice for the best way for people to contact you.

  • Recommendations

Contact your colleagues, customers or clients and ask them for a recommendation on your work which will be displayed on your profile.

Now that you have created your profile start joining groups relevant to your industry or niche and start connecting and networking with people.

Finally, make sure that your profile is public to everyone.  This will make your profile appear when people search for you using Google etc.