Create Stunning Presentations With These Software Tools


When I was asked to create a presentation for a meeting I would sit down at my desk and automatically open MS Powerpoint. Nowadays, there are alternative presentation software tools to help you create a stunning presentation or slideshow.

This is an easy and free tool to use for non-designers and is not limited to just designing presentations.  Search through their list of free or paid templates once you have made your selection you can change the image, colour, play around with different fonts and sizes, drag and drop text, shapes, icons and much more.    If you need an image for your presentation, browse through their library containing one million images.  Some are free or for US$1 you can purchase an image or alternatively upload your own.  Canva is available on desktops and laptops as well as the iPad via the Canva iPad app. It is currently not available for Android, mobile, or other tablets.  Have fun playing with this software tool you may become addicted!

With this software tool, you can create your design from scratch or search through their database of designs created by other users and make a copy. Alternatively, you can import an existing Powerpoint presentation which needs redesigning, select a design and Emaze will update your file.   You can view and edit your presentations on any laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet. Login as a free user or select from one of the plans.  If you choose to use this tool as a free user your presentation will be made available to the public. If you are working for a client as good practice prior to commencing work ask if the content is sensitive and if so use a paid plan. This also applies to Prezi (mentioned below).

This software tool is similar in many ways to Emaze however, rather than moving from one slide to the next in sequence, Prezi organises your slides onto one large canvas so you can choose a meaningful structure to your presentation by topic.  Whilst presenting you can zoom in on details within a slide to keep your audience focused and engaged.  You can even add media you already use in your presentations or fade-in animation for some of your heavy content slides.  Prezi may take some time to become familiar with and require some training.  Check out the Knowledge Base section to help you get started.

These are just a few of the software tools available. Have a look and choose one which will meet your requirements for each specific project.