Best Practices for Email Marketing

email marketing

When it comes to writing the content for your email marketing campaign not only do you have to consider is it error free and reads well but have you missed any crucial elements in the design process.

Below I have listed 15 best practices for email marketing for you to check against when designing your next campaign.

  1. Check you have you selected the correct subscriber list. If you have numerous lists, make sure that you have selected the relevant list for your campaign.
  2. Use your branding colours and logo. By using your branding colours and logo your subscribers will instantly recognise your emails and avoid being sent straight to the trash bin or marked as spam.
  3. Make sure your newsletter is responsive. Most users will read their email on their mobile device so make sure it is mobile friendly and looks and reads easily.
  4. Do you have a compelling headline? You want people to open and read your emails so make it standout.
  5. Personalise your newsletter by using merge tags. This makes it much more personal than just saying Hi! or even worse not including an introduction at all!
  6. Check your content is easy to read. Don’t use a small font size it needs to be easy to read and don’t use light colours as this will make it difficult to read.
  7. Make sure you have checked for any errors. Double check your content for any typing errors. We all do it, we read and re-read the content thinking it is perfect but when you’ve hit the Send button you find an error! Have someone with a fresh set of eyes read your content at the same time they can also provide you with feedback on any improvements.
  8. Are your images less than 1MB in size? Keep your image size to less than 1mb anything larger will slow down your subscribers inbox and make them less likely to read your newsletter.
  9. Have you checked to see how your images look? Check how your images look both on desktop and mobile versions. Check to see if they are pixalated, stretched or squashed up.
  10. Include alt-text to your images. Some emails readers by default won’t display the image, by adding alt-text your reader will see what would have been shown.
  11. Make sure all of your links are attached and working. If you are linking to your website or a call to action, test they are working and directed to the correct page.
  12. Is your call to action clear? Make sure it easy to locate and if you are using a button it is large enough for a user to click on if they are on a mobile device.
  13. Are your social sharing buttons included? People love to share information so make it easy for them to do so.
  14. Have you included an unsubscribe link? It is mandatory you give people the opportunity to unsubscribe from your mailing list so ensure it is included in the footer section of your campaign.
  15. Test your newsletter prior to sending. Check your newsletter looks okay across all devices. This is a good opportunity to fix any typos and broken links prior to sending to your subscribers.

Download our checklist which you can use when designing your campaign.