How To Be More Organised Using Online Task Management Tools

online task management tools

Do you have projects that are in progress but you’ve lost track of what needs to be actioned, when it’s due and by whom?  Or you and your team are working on a document and you have no idea whether it is the current version or an old one and you’ve reached the stage where everything is becoming too overwhelming and you don’t know where to turn next?

If this sounds familiar you can take action and get organised with an online task management tool to simplify your projects, files, tasks and emails all in one place.

Let’s take a look at 3 online task management tools.

Basecamp is broken down into 6 core tools:

  1. To-Dos for tracking your work including assigning to a person and setting due dates
  2. Message Board for announcements and updates
  3. Campfire which is a chat room with instant messaging for quick chats with your team members or to ask a question
  4. Docs & Files for organising all your files and notes
  5. Automatic Check-ins to get updates from your team which you can set up to be every day, week, or once a month.
  6. Schedule for setting deadlines and milestones

For emails Discussion Boards keep your entire conversation regarding a project all on one page. If you want to include another person to the conversation you can simply send them a link to the thread in Basecamp. It also has the ability of forwarding your emails into the system.

Basecamp includes a reporting function so you can keep track of your projects, what’s overdue and who’s working on what task and keeping all your documents in one place.  This is a fairly basic tool if you are looking for something not too complicated.

Basecamp is available for a trial period of 30 days whereby afterwards you will need to sign up for a plan, click here for details

Taskworld  has 5 core tools below is an overview but for more details on their features visit their website:

  1. Task Management for sharing space, checklists, sorting your tasks by tags and coloured labels, adding files, and email
  2. Project Planning for consolidating all your projects into groups, automated templates for your projects, and privacy settings for each project
  3. Team Communication has 9 features a few of them are for commenting and chatting on projects, direct messaging and commenting on tasks
  4. Analytics will provide you of a real time overview of your workspace activity, filters on data across projects, charts and progress bar of all tasks.
  5. Others is for customising your workspace, privacy settings and admin rights, a people page, file management storage and setting to your language.

Taskworld is free for 15 days afterwards you will need to sign up to a plan. Click here for pricing

Wrike has 7 core tools for in-depth details visit their website you can also register to watch a demo

  1. Create for breaking down your goals into manageable tasks, attach file and set due dates.
  2. Plan for resource management, timeline of projects and time and budget tracking
  3. Collaborate for communicating with your team, email and calendar synchronisation
  4. Reports for insight into your projects and schedule notifications for report updates
  5. Customise for adding your own fields to a project or task, and workflows
  6. Integrate for connecting your business tools to Wrike i.e. Microsoft, Adobe Creative Cloud and Google
  7. Security for data center security and role-based access control

Wrike is free for 5 users and has 4 additional plans, see their plans and pricing

There are many free online task management tools available to choose from however, make sure you select one that will meet your business requirements and not one that has all the bells and whistles that you are not going to use.