Automation Tools – 3 Tasks Every Small Business Should Automate

automation tools

Automation tools play an important part of any business and it makes sense that you should be implementing some of these into your business to make it run more efficiently and saving you hours of time. Picture what you could be doing with that extra time available, working on your book, coaching your clients or spending time with your children.

There are a number of tasks that you can automate but let’s just focus on the following three.

Social media

With social media playing an important part of your business it makes sense to automate your posts whether you are sharing your own posts or curated content.  These social media tools allow you to post immediately to your network or schedule into the future.

Below are a few popular scheduling tools:

Scheduling Meetings

If you have meetings with a number of clients, using a scheduling tool like Calendly can simplify the process and is easy to embed on your website. This tool will allow your visitor schedule a day and time available in your calendar with email reminders of their meeting with you.

If you have meetings with overseas clients Calendly detects which timezone they are in which is perfect!

Calendly allows users to integrate with their existing calendars for example Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendar plus, you can set your availability and buffer times between meetings and if you only want to schedule a number of meetings per day then this is also achievable.

Your Emails

Imagine if you were to personally respond to every email that you received from someone who has opted in to sign up for your newsletter or a purchase they have made on your website? You would be spending countless hours responding to each and every one. This is where automating your emails to subscribers are personalised with a pre-written email where you can set up triggers and conditions, or rules and once these are met the email is sent saving you hours of work.

Below are the most popular email marketing tools around:

The tools above are only a select few so before jumping in a signing up for a plan check through what each has to offer and are they going to cover your requirements. If not, do some research of your own and as your business grows so will your need for something with more features.