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2 Simple Ways To Create A Great Website

Create A Great Website

Businesses that seem to believe they can get by with just a Facebook page are doing themselves a great disservice. Having a business website allows owners greater engagement with their client base, more visibility among competitors, and even the ability to make sales and appointments online.

This sort of engagement is critical in building a brand, and will only grow more important as time goes on. Mobile Web use, in particular, is growing, meaning that all businesses will need a responsive, well-designed site in the near future.

These kinds of websites can cost thousands of dollars and be tough for owners to manage. Luckily, recent advances have given us Content Management Systems, which allow business owners to take the creation and maintenance of their website into their own hands.


WordPress is perhaps the most famous and certainly the most widely used Content Management System. A large part of this is its longevity; WordPress has been in use since 2003, although regular updates have kept it at the forefront of technology. There’s also the fact that it has a variety of themes to choose from. More importantly, it can replicate most, if not all, of the functionality of Adobe Business Catalyst through the use of plug-ins.

Hosting for WordPress sites can be a hassle though, particularly with all the backups, updates and security concerns, so search for a hosting provider which will fit your budget and your business requirements. Once again, the potential issue with WordPress is security; most owners don’t take precautions with their sites seriously, and run into issues down the road. While the solution can be (in some situations) as simple as having a strong password and username, installing a plugin such as Wordfence will provide firewall, scan for Malware and real-time threat defense feed and plus more on any WordPress site for free or upgrade to their premium plan for additional features – eliminating virtually any concern of hacking issues.

Adobe Business Catalyst

Adobe Business Catalyst sets the gold standard for CMS software. Many people won’t use it for anything but setting up a quick website via a template and occasionally updating the website’s content or blog. This is a fine way to do the minimum, however, Adobe Business Catalyst provides features that go far beyond simple website set-up and hosting.

One of the most appealing components for buyers is its built-in eCommerce feature, which makes cataloging and payment gateways extremely easy to both setup and use. The email marketing system is underrated as well, and allows business owners to target untapped pools of clients with a few simple clicks. Moreover, while there are a wide variety of templates (free and paid) to choose from, users can edit the site’s layout and design through HTML and CSS editing. And of course, social media integration means nothing is lost when owners finally make the switch from solely having a Facebook page.

The only real drawback to Adobe Business Catalyst is its price. While modest, it is a monthly investment that has to be paid in order to keep up this high-level of service. Still, if price is a concern, there are other options for business owners of all levels to consider.

There’s no longer any reason to overlook having a website. With a few days on your hands, a reasonable investment and an eye on design, any business owner can set up a profitable and beautiful website without undue delay, assuring them continued success in the years to come.

If setting up your own website sounds too daunting then contact us to discuss your requirements.